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Nutrition & Lifestyle

Nutrition & Lifestyle

Providing nutritional and lifestyle expert advice.

Aigburth Physiotherapy’s core philosophy is good nutrition, exercise, rest and relaxation to help people make a positive change to their lives. We can offer an extensive range of nutrition products specifically designed to meet personal nutritional needs whether you are looking for weight loss, weight gain or higher energy levels. Our focus is on the long term involving embracing the unique aspirations of each individual and working to make them a reality.

Our experts at Aigburth Physio can also look at attitudes and identify habits that clients have currently and coach them through a process of behaviour change towards a life they aspire to lead.

What People Say


“I have always struggled with my weight. No matter what diet I tried I could never stick to it. Since getting involved with the services at Aigburth Physio, I have lost nearly 2 stone in 5 months and have never felt better. I was introduced to Herbalife and not only has this made me look great, it has made me feel great too. Together with the nutritional plan, I have an exercise programme which has helped me to change my shape and tone-up. I have been supported through weight loss and they continue to support me through weight maintenance.”